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Elitism and Populism

The politics of U.S. has changed dramatically since 1970. While the Democrats continued to embrace populism and aligned with the middle class and poor (JFK, Carter, and in lesser degree, Clinton), the Republicans secretly embraced elitism and gradually aligned themselves with the rich and big companies (Nixon, Reagan, and Bush).

Elitist Democracy does not care about the majority of citizens. The goal is how to empower and enrich the selective few who connect with each other through wealth and companies. In the long run, the excessive wealth distribution, polluted environment, and national debt will put most people in misery while the selective few live in luxury.

More and more US citizens recognized the elitism behind the disguise of new conservatism. True conservatism would have exercised small government and fiscal disciplines, fake conservatism would do the opposite. Bertrand Russell once remarked “The fallacy of the aristocrat consists in judging a society by the kind of life it affords a privileged few.”

Elitism is best suited for monarchy, not democracy. U.S. must not allow the first liberal democracy in the history of mankind became a toy for the aristocratic few. We must not allow the populism of democracy be bought out by the mass media owned by the rich and the lobbying through campaign contributions.

Reference:  http://www.time.com/time/columnist/klein/article/0,9565,1209919,00.html


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